New Release: Drive, by DAUNT – First Single From Forthcoming Debut EP

Dear friend, That debut EP – ‘Unbearable Light’ – releases April 28th via London label Beatnik Creative.  Based on this first single, I’ll be keeping an eye and ear out. I’m … Continue reading

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Harry Pane releases new single ‘Fletcher Bay’

Dear friends,  News:  Following the release of his ‘Changing’ EP last summer, singer-songwriter Harry Pane has released the first track ‘Fletcher Bay’ from his upcoming EP ‘The Wild Winds’, due … Continue reading

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Debut Album: Allman Brown – 1000 Years

Dear friend, A 1000 years is indeed – I imagine – what at times it must have felt like for Allman Brown, and his fans, to get to February 10th … Continue reading

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YourMusicFilter Recommended Music Roundup, Week 5 2017

Friend, Thanks for checking out this week’s roundup! Been a few weeks since the last roundup so we have a fair bit of ground to cover, but I guess that’s … Continue reading

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Debut Album: Toothless – The Pace Of The Passing

Dear friend,  This album saw the light of day 7 days ago, but is the result of a decade of writing in the back of the Bombay Bicycle Club tour … Continue reading

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New Album: Coast – Windmills In The Sky

Dear friend in music, It hasn’t yet been officially released, but I got my copy in the mail today and recommend that you give it a listen once the album … Continue reading

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Everything is Terrific: The Bandcamp 2016 Year in Review

From Bandcamp. I thought worth sharing with you.

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