Dear friend in music,

It hasn’t yet been officially released, but I got my copy in the mail today and recommend that you give it a listen once the album becomes available. Because it’s really good. 

‘Windmills In The Sky’ is this Celtic-Rock band’s third studio album, and it is testiment to the experience and skill of frontman and founder Paul Eastham that despite a number of changes in the band’s lineup through the years, this is arguably their best work to date. The track order and how they tie in with each other just works, and the attention to every detail is unmistakable. The current band lineup is high quality; they don’t miss a beat. 

The album starts off with a short but awesome instrumental piece and then  continues with solid rock songs – slowing down at the right times but never too much and never too long; it maintains a very pleasant ‘flow’ from front to back. It contains no weak songs.  

Coast have delivered an album without weaknesses. It deserves a big audience. So give it a listen, and if you like it: spread the word. 

Coast are: Paul Eastham – vocals, keyboards, piano, whistle and orchestral programming / Mop – drums / Chris Barnes – percussion / Finlay Wells – guitars and bass. 

Their website is  HERE. Watch that space or mine for the official release date. 
Thanks for reading and until next time. 



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