Dear friend,

A 1000 years is indeed – I imagine – what at times it must have felt like for Allman Brown, and his fans, to get to February 10th 2017; the day his self-released debut album finally saw the light of day.

It’s been a long time coming. ‘Song and Daughters’ (one of two duets with Liz Lawrence on the album) was released as a single in 2013. ‘Rivers’, featuring Robyn Sherwell, came out in 2015, followed by ‘Fires’ and ‘Palms’ (the second collaboration with Liz Lawrence) in 2016. Each of these singles confirmed the talents of Allman and built up the anticipation for the debut album.

For me, the above mentioned singles are the strongest tracks on the album. I was hoping for more gems like these, but didn’t really find them. As a whole though it’s a good debut full-length, and definitely worth a listen. Click on the pic below or HERE to do so.


Hope you enjoy.

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Jim Boere


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