Thank you for visiting in 2016!

Dear friend in music,

It’s the last day of 2016 and I would like to take a short moment to thank you for supporting this blog over the past year with your visits and comments and shares. I am grateful.

It is kind of mind boggling to review the list of countries from which people have found their way to this little blog:

United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Norway, Italy, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, France, Ukraine, Austria, Slovakia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, South Africa, Argentina, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Sweden, China, Colombia, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, El Salvador, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and Hungary.

Awesome. It means a lot to know you’re out there and enjoying the blog.

I know I should post more often. I will work on that in 2017. I hope to see you there.


And Happy New Year!


Jim Boere Recommended Music Roundup, Week 50 2016.

Dear friends in music,

It’s time for another roundup! It’s been a few weeks so I have a great and long list for you today. So let’s dive right in. (Click the headers.)


II, by Young in the City

This is Noah Gundersen’s new band and they are awesome. Also check out their live performance in the KEXP studio…you’ll see/hear what I mean.


T.B.D., by Hanging Valleys

Another superb single from this 3-piece band, as they build up to the release of their debut EP in 2017. Expect it to be sensational.

Palms, by Allman Brown feat. Liz Lawrence

Sensational too is the voice of Liz Lawrence. Whether it’s with Bombay Bicycle Club, Cash + David, or Allman Brown, she turns it from good to great. I cannot wait for new solo work from her.

Love’s Gone, by Haarlo

Soul-infused electronic duo from Melbourne, Australia.

Money, by Con Brio

Formed in 2013, Con Brio is the offspring of seven musicians with diverse backgrounds but a shared love for the vibrant Bay Area funk and psychedelic-soul sound pioneered by groups like Sly & the Family Stone. And they rock the house.

Restless, by Louis Berry

Rock & Roll from Liverpool. Love the voice, love the energy. Great track.

Seems so Long, by The Last Royals

My favourite track from the new Never Be Alone album. American indie/pop band from Brooklyn, New York.

Fire, by NovemberDecember

Check out this rock band from Denmark.

Baby, by Helena Deland

Dreamy pop music from this Montreal based quartet. Debut EP Drawing Room is out.

Fire, by Charlotte Carpenter

2 tracks. 2 speeds. I like them both.

Don’t You Cry For Me, by Cobi

This is something special.

From The Other Side Of The World, by Sara Hartman

From her Facebook page:

Sara Hartman is just full of surprises. This frizzy haired and funny 20-year-old with a huge voice had never left New York, but a year ago, she jumped on a plane by herself to Berlin, Germany in order to pursue a dream of making music.
“I had just finished reading Patti Smith’s book, Just Kids,” she recalls. “That really helped me while I was getting my bearings. To me, Berlin is like New York when it still had that raw young energy in the seventies. The streets might be dirty, but people are making art everywhere. That’s so intoxicating to me. Berlin is very welcoming for creative people. When you have a center like that, great things are inevitable. Being away from home is very hard, but the energy is beautiful.”

Graveyard Parade, by Matthew And The Atlas

I cannot recommend this band to you enough. Do check out everything they’ve released.

Acoustic Versions, by Highasakite

In the week 47 roundup I recommended Samurai Swords. Now there’s this collection of 4 acoustic tracks. You should hear it. In particular Samurai Swords and Golden Ticket are very very nice.

Down By The Water – Acoustic, by Amy MacDonald

It’s been a while. Too long. Glad she’s back, with a new album coming February 2017.
Watch her perform the song live here:

Better Now, by Cloves

This may not be for everyone, but it’s original and it’s bold and the talent obvious so I figured that must be enough to include it this week :).

Too Far, by Laurel

Laurel Arnell-Cullen, better known as just Laurel, is a British chamber pop and indie musician from Southampton but since 2013 has been based in London. Laurel has got critical acclaim for writing, recording and producing all her music in her bedroom studio in London.

A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey, by Leyla McCalla

Leyla Sarah McCalla is an American classical and folk musician. She was a cellist with the Grammy-winning string band Carolina Chocolate Drops but left to focus on her solo career. I’m liking the result.

Telepathise, by Lydia Cole

From her website:
2016 has been a crazy year for people all over the world, and generally accepted as a time we would rather blot from the calendar. Telepathise is all about choosing to believe in beauty, in mystery, in connection – despite uncertainty, chaos, and discord.

Caught In Still Live, by Vaults

Vaults deliver a superb album.

I Almost Went To College And Got A Job, by Jesse Daniel Smith

Jesse just got signed to a label and has a new album coming out very soon. Be on the lookout for it, because this guy has skills. I love his music. If you do too, you might be interested to know he’s on where you can actually support him directly. (I am.)

Miss You, by Gabrielle Aplin

I shared the title song before, but now the EP is out and it includes a beautiful piano version of Miss You. Worth another mention!

Brain Crack, by Tracy Bonham Feat. Kathryn Calder

Premiering on is a modern version of this track from Tracy’s debut album.

“Tracy Bonham’s debut album Burdens Of Being Upright turned 20 this year, and she’s crowdfunding a remake of the album called Modern Burdens featuring a number of notable women musicians including Sadie Dupuis, Tanya Donnelly, Kay Hanley, and Nicole Atkins. Today Bonham is sharing a new version of “Brain Crack” featuring Kathryn Calder of the New Pornographers.”

She’s doing this via PledgeMusic and Tracy put together a wide range of special perks and exclusives for those pre-ordering the album. With a few weeks to go for the campaign there’s still time for you to get on board and secure for example some signed vinyl or lyric sheets. Personally, I went for the signed poster. Oh, and I’ll be singing. On the record, yes. Ha!

I actually ticked off that item on my bucket list a few years back (Paul Eastham’s ‘Iron Horse’ album), but couldn’t let the opportunity pass to be on a Tracy record, obviously. Should be fun! 🙂

 Catch The Wind, by Oliver Daldry

Perhaps the ‘mystery house’ of the bunch but I think this is great. It’s pure, and it’s passion, and it’s my final recommendation for today.


I promised you a long list, did I not? 🙂

Hope you’ve enjoyed it! Until next time.

Jim Boere Recommended Music, Week 47 2016

Hey there friends in music!

Sorry for the delayed post. I hope to make up for it with this week’s selection, so let’s get right to it.

(The links are in the headers.)


024, by Michiel Stekelenburg 5

Just click the link and listen to this track. I probably should not say more. If I said it’s 7 minutes of jazz you might move right on, but you shouldn’t. I think you might like this. Maybe even a lot.

Samurai Swords – Acoustic Version, by Highasakite

Listen also to the original version of this track released earlier in the year to fully appreciate this acoustic one, and what Norwegian indie rock band Highasakite is capable of. This definitely wowed me.

Miss You, by Gabrielle Aplin

I can appreciate a good pop song and this more than qualifies. Also, in terms of songwriting, vocal and instrumental skills Gabrielle is the real deal. The video below proves my point.


Wedding Daze, by Daniel Wilson

This one took me by surprise…but I love it!

Newton’s Law, by Hattie Webb

Perhaps my favourite track from the Mouth of the Sea EP, released earlier this month. It comes ahead of a full album that’s expected next year and is (partly) funded via the crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic. I signed up for her campaign and so have been getting insights from Hattie into the album making process. Very interesting and fun, and one of the things I love about PledgeMusic. Also why I can tell you, I think this album will be great. Of course I will keep you updated, but there’s also still time for you to join the campaign if you’d like.

When You Speak, by Okke Punt and Yori Swart

From Holland comes this little gem of a song.

Building a Beginning, by Jamie Lidell

Two words: Stevie Wonder. !

Company, by Pepa Knight

“Australia’s Pepa Knight has already made a name for himself as a purveyor of delicate melodies both as Jinja Safari and under his solo moniker. As the first track in some time, “Company” comes into the world with high expectations that it immediately sets about exceeding.” –

(demo), by Maggie Rogers

Did not want to keep this from you. It’s a demo Maggie posted on Soundcloud. She of course bursted onto the scenes with ‘Alaska’ and ‘Dog Years’ this year. Perhaps this demo is to test if this would be a track her fans would love to see end up on the debut album, for which she is no doubt writing and selecting. I vote yes!

Mele & Bright, by Isabeau Waia’u Walker

Let’s end this week’s roundup with some songs of the season! To warm the heart :).

2 original songs and 4 covers. Home recordings. And I hope you’ll love her voice as much as I do and want to hear more of it, because she deserves a bigger crowd. That’s not to downplay the substantial and loyal community she’s built on Youtube and elsewhere, but I’ve been part of that community for a few years now and can honestly say there are very few artists if any who’s new creations I always look forward to as much as I do to Isabeau’s…so I’d just love to see her audience grow. I support her on Patreon and she brings joy to my inbox every single week. Please do yourself a favour and check her out! Thank me later.


That’s it for this week. Thanks for listening! Find me on Twitter for more music tips, leave comments and suggestions, and see you next time.

Jim Boere Recommended Music, Week 44 2016.

Dear friends,

Thanks for checking out my second weekly roundup of awesome (new) music I discovered this week! I’m enjoying doing these roundups so looks like that’s the way forward. Hope you agree. 🙂 Here we go: 


Dog Years, by Maggie Rogers

The second single from this overnight student-to-stardom sensation sees the light of day. It’s hardly possible you haven’t heard (about) ‘Alaska’ and how it  put the spotlight on her… My guess is that ‘Dog Years’ will keep it there. She’s a breath of fresh air.  Good things do still come out of the U.S.A.

Reflection, by Liv Dawson

Some more fresh air? This London based young lady just released her first EP ‘Open Your Eyes’ and I particularly love this track.

So Long Forever, by Palace

Also from London, U.K.; the debut album is out now and available on Spotify and elsewhere. Do give it a listen.

The World Below, by Sue The Night

This is a Dutch band I discovered earlier this year. The single ‘The World Below’ was released a while back but this week I found this live performance which is too good not to share with you here.

Find You, by Charlotte Day Wilson

The search for fresh air leads us to Canada next. This track is on her debut EP ‘CDW’ which came out in August.  She could be going places.

Dust, by Mi von Ahn

Already enjoying nationwide attention in her homeland Sweden is this singer-songwriter, and I can hear why. Sounds nice. Looking forward to her debut album.

Release, by SOULS

Back to the U.K. How to describe this album… Different. Risky. Remarkable. And pretty darn good.

Flipside, by Norah Jones

My favourite track on the new ‘Day Breaks’ album. The rest of it is probably going to appeal only to the real jazz lovers out there. That’s not me.

I wanted to close with this today. Simply because it is superb:


That’s it for this week. I hope I’ve given you plenty of great music to discover and enjoy until the next roundup in a week’s time.

Let me know what you liked, reach out on Twitter, and hey feel free to recommend music to me! By all means. I’m always looking for new gems and if I love your suggestion I’ll include it in the next roundup post. With credits, of course!
Thanks for visiting.

Jim Boere 
P.S. The featured image is of Sue The Night. Recommended Music, Week 43 2016.

Dear friends,

Here’s a collection of (new) music I came across this past week and deemed worthy of sharing with you. I’m thinking about doing a roundup post like this weekly or bi-weekly. If you are a frequent visitor you will have noticed that lately I haven’t had much time to post, let alone longer pieces. I’ve kept on sharing what I listen to on Twitter, but of course you won’t see all my tweets so a weekly summary on the blog could avoid you missing out on a ton of great music. What do you reckon?

So, here are the most notable pieces of art I’ve filtered out this week. In random order. Hope you enjoy!


Horsehead Bay, by Mighty Oaks

Based out of Berlin, Germany, multinational indie folk trio Mighty Oaks formed in 2010 around the talents of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ian Hooper (United States), Claudio Donzelli (Italy), and Craig Saunders (United Kingdom). The group produces tight, three-part harmonies and effusive, largely acoustic-driven folk anthems. -James Christopher Monger, Rovi. Debut album came out in 2014; no doubt this new single signals a forthcoming EP or album.

Home, by Wallis Bird

From Ireland, studio album no. 5, with passion. She’s intens and it might be too much for some, but I feel confident you can handle it :).

The Video, by Joseph J. Jones

Also check out his new EP, Hurricane. As far as I know these are his first releases. Definitely worth a listen.

A Little Something More From, by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweets

Anything these guys have put out is great, and that includes these new 8 tracks. One of my favourite bands today. They rocked the house in 2015 with their debut album (haven’t heard it? A must listen!), and long may they continue.

I’m Glad, by Lanikai

Lanikai is the new solo project of Imaginary Cities singer Marti Sarbit. A release is coming in November. I love the ’60s soul groove.

Make It Better, by Hazel English

“I want to be seen, yet I want to be invisible,” begins Hazel English on her latest sun-kissed offering. It instantly sets the tone for the tale of mental conflict that’s told. But there’s no chance of this being a desperation-ridden affair; there’s a certain light at the end of every dark tunnel her songs go through, and it shimmers here.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, English isn’t actually a California native – she was born and grew up in Australia – but you wouldn’t know it. The delicately bouncing guitars and suitably soothing synths that drive ‘Make It Better’ produce just the kind of semi-hypnotic bliss that seems so synonymous with that part of the world. 

Even if her sound is of the beach-pop persuasion, English has carved out her own easily identifiable niche. The lyrics come from a personal place and they’re all the more affecting for it. As ever, there’s a clarity to what’s being sung here; her elocution is akin to that of any pop star, and the connection is naturally enhanced because of it. ‘Make It Better’, like so much of her output so far, may be relaxed – a touch subdued, even – but it’s far too catchy and immediate to just be stuck on in the background. It’s another welcome helping of bittersweet magic from Hazel English, and another hint at her potential to truly go big. – 

Endless Wave, by Hanging Valleys

I  featured Thom Byles and band on this blog before. Will do my best to keep him on your radar. The man has mad skills. This new music video for Endless Wave just came out.

Time, by Matt Vice feat. Holly Drummond

A 2015 release but I discovered it only this week and I liked it enough to not want to leave it out. This track is one of Holly’s collaborations; she writes and records vocals for EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artists. But only 22yo she’s already released 5 solo EP’s as well. As well as writing and playing all the instruments on her tracks (including cello), she records, mixes and produces them all herself in her own bedroom studio. Pretty impressive! A new single is expected in November so keep an eye out for that.

You Want It Darker, by Leonard Cohen

I have to end with Leonard Cohen. With what could very well be his last recording. I realise this is not for anyone – I never liked his music much myself. But go sit in a lazy chair, put on headphones, listen carefully to the lyrics… This final record changed it for me. At the very end of his career/life, I’ve come to appreciate him at last.


Thanks as always for listening. See you next time.

Jim Boere

New Album : SERA – Little Girl


One of the singer-songwriters I recently introduced in this post released a new album last month which is receiving praise, and rightfully so. Do give it a listen.

SERA is a bilingual singer/songwriter from the North Wales town of Caernarfon who has released a number of Welsh and English albums and EP’s. Since moving from the piano as her main instrument to the guitar, SERA is developing a different sound, with her last couple of EP’s walking the country/folk line.

Little Girl is a more varied though, and a selection of tracks from the album, which have a rockier edge, are also available as a digital EP.

To enjoy the full album click the picture below.


Thanks for listening.

Find me on Twitter. 

Jim Boere

Debut Album : Jones – New Skin

I had not heard of (Cherie) Jones before today. Came across this album whilst checking out some new releases – the album came out yesterday – and was pleasantly surprised. I’m not generally a r&b guy (I’d label this album r&b slash pop if I had to), but this is very bearable indeed. Love the voice, and I have a feeling she could make the bulk of these tracks hold up in an acoustic setting easily. I hope she’ll prove that some day soon, until then I’m definitely giving her the benefit of the (little, actually) doubt. One to watch, friends.


LP & CD:
Signed copies:

It’s available on Spotify as well.

And she sounds good live too. Check this out:




Update 8/10/2016: Side II is out! // New EP / Cash + David – Side I



…And some 5 months later, out of nothing, it’s here. Side II. Released yesterday.

Listening back Side I you’ll notice a clear distinction. The new release is a bit louder. A bit rougher. Which is a good thing because you need some variation on a full album (which I do assume and hope this all is leading up to), but in all honesty I personally prefer Side I.

Click on the pic to stream Side II. To download click HERE. Let me know which Side is your favourite?





Cash + David are a London based electro-pop duo composed of producer Tim (last name unknown to me) and singer-songwriter Liz Lawrence.

Liz is one of my favorite singer-songwriters (check out her solo work HERE). She also made the already great Bombay Bicycle Club sound so much better when touring with them in 2014 and 15 (some…

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